Mediterranean Lamb Popcicles with Garlic Chicken Cous Cous

Mediterranean Lamb Popcicles with Garlic Chicken Cous Cous

Lamb is considered the world's healthiest meat, because of its ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is higher in calories, but that can be fixed by removing some of the fat. With that said lets dive into this great recipe with a Mediterranean flair.

You will need:

1 - Primo Grill (or other high heat grill) set for direct cooking
1 - Rack of lamb with bones frenched
1 - Bottle of John Henry's Papa Charlie's Greek Rub
1 or 2 - UUNI Sizzler Pans
1 cup - Cous Cous
1 Tbs - Butter
1 cup - water
1 - bottle Butcher's Grillin' Oil
1 - Tbs minced garlic
1 - Tbs Chicken Boullion


Primo and Flameboss
Preheat the grill to 600 degrees fahrenheit. I use a FlameBoss to make that easy and hold the temperature right where i want it.

Cut lamb chops with rub

Cut the rack of lamb into popcicles by cutting between the bones evenly and liberally coat both sides of the lamb with Papa Charlie's Greek Rub.

UUNI Sizzler pans on Primo Grill

Now would be a good time to place the UUNI sizzler pans or any cast iron pan on the grill to preheat. Coat pan with Butcher's Grillin' Oil allow to come up to temperature.

Lamb sizzling on grill

Once the pans are good and hot, place lamb chops in the pan and allow to sear for about 2 1/2 minutes per side. Your finished temperature should be 145 degrees fahrenheit.

While the lamb is cooking you should mix the 1 Tbs Chicken bouillon with 1 cup water, 1Tbs butter and 1 Tbs fresh minced garlic in a Cast Iron 3qt pot on the grill. Bring to a boil. Add 1 Cup Cous Cous and stir rapidly while removing from heat. Cover and let sit 4 to 5 min. Fluff with a fork before serving. Sprinkle with Papa Charlie's Greek Rub for a little color and added flavor complexity.

Lamb Chops and Cous Cous

If everything turned out right, this is what your meal should look like. It is a very savory meal with a taste that you and your guests would be sure to enjoy.

Thanks for trying this recipe, 
I hope you enjoy it!

Eric (Big Poppa) Jimenez
Southern Grillin'

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