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So, Tell me About House of Q...

House of Q is a world class maker of BBQ sauces, spices and a best-selling cookbook based in Langley, BC.

The House of Q Competition BBQ team began competitive cooking in 2005, and has since won awards all over North America, including First Place in the rib category at the 2014 World Food Championships in Las Vegas, NV.  The team attended the Jack Daniel's World BBQ Championships in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 2009 and also in 2014 with awards at both events.  The team was awarded the 2014 Team of the Year by the Canadian BBQ Society.

Launched in 2007, the House of Q BBQ sauce and spice line-up has won awards across North America, including best BBQ sauce twice at the BBQ on the Bow in Calgary, AB, for our Apple Butter BBQ Sauce. Our Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce and Slather won Second Place two years in a row at the prestigious American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City, MO. House of Q products have a loyal following and are hot sellers at specialty retailers across Canada.

Since 2007, the House of Q BBQ team, led by BBQ Brian Misko, has appeared on Global TV BC’s Morning News in the summer months, providing the BBQ Tip of the Week. House of Q has also appeared on TV in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and on radio programs across Canada.

About House of Q People

House of Q is a home-based business, and husband and wife team of Brian and Corinne. Between creating original (and award-winning) recipes, manufacturing a product, sales, shipping, accounting, bottle washing, marketing, frequent TV, radio or trade-show stage presentations, web mastering and anything else that comes up with running a business, yup, Brian and Corinne are doing it.

BBQ Brian often jokes that their business office is "Well, there is our master bedroom, the room next door is the world headquarters for House of Q Foods Ltd, a bathroom and then our daughter's bedroom." Indeed, House of Q is a home-based, family-run business.

Corinne has been a successful travel agent, an entrepreneur with a home-based business and has worked part-time in a retail gourmet store sharing cooking expertise. Brian, on the other hand, has held sales positions with a printing company and a software company and then six years or so in a marketing role as a data analyst. House of Q is the first collaborative business effort for the two together.

Often, their daughter Kassandra will join in at events, helping with samples, selling sauce or even preparing shipments.

In the spring of 2015, House of Q added Greg Ewart to their staff as their Manager of Sales and Operations.  Greg is a fellow BBQ competitor with the team name the Barking Boys.  If Greg is not practising his cooking of competition BBQ he is making sure his customers are really happy. After nearly 18 years of sales and sales management, he joins House of Q to build our direct retail customer markets.

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