A-maZe-N 6" Oval Tube Smoker Combo Pack

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GET FIRED UP about Wood Smoke Flavor. The A-MAZE-N Smoker turns ANY grill into a BBQ Smoker. Use it in charcoal, propane or electric grills or add it to any smoker for that extra smoke flavor. Perfect for cold or hot smoking all of your favorite foods. Add a delicious smoke flavor to any food you crave - meats, fish, cheeses, veggies and nuts. The A-MAZE-N 6 in. Smoker Tube will smoke for up to 2 hours on approximately 6 oz. of wood BBQ pellets. Easy to use - just Fill, Light, SMOKE. Be ready to smoke in just 10 minutes. No soaking chips. Uses wood BBQ pellets. The A-MAZE-N Smoker is small, lightweight and portable - the perfect camping, tailgating or space saving solution to smoking. Combo Kit includes Pellets, gel fire-starter, and 6" tube.

  • Patented design allows for maximum ventilation and smoke flavor
  • Quick and easy to use - no soaking or loading chips
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Use with any grill - turns any grill into a BBQ smoker

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