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Any competition BBQ pitmaster worth their salt uses spice rubs to add flavour to their meat. House of Q House Rub BBQ Seasoning was designed to be fantastic right out of the jar on chicken and pork but it can also be used as a base rub for backyard chefs to create their own unique spice simply by adding a few of their own ingredients.

House Rub BBQ Seasoning is a balanced rub that is equally sweet, salty and fragrant from the onion, garlic and secret spices.  Some describe a rub as a "dry marinade" - that is getting flavor on the outside of meat with dry ingredients instead of 'wet' like oil or vinegar.  However, seasoning and spices are the cornerstone of flavor anywhere!  Use it IN burgers, meatballs and meatloaf too!

Common Applications
Sprinkle House Rub on chicken, ribs, pork chops or loin before grilling or smoking.  Add to ground meat as well.

Other Uses
Sprinkled on popcorn, hash browns, mashed potatoes or even to add spice to candied beer nuts.

GLUTEN FREE, MSG FREE and Preservative Free!

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