Man Law Meat Thermometer W/Glow in the dark dial




Glow in the dark dial and pointer

Dial size: diameter 2.4"

Large dial for easy reading
Wide temperature range:
120°F ~ 210°F

Stays in while grilling

4.5" Stainless steel probe

Temperature guide included on the dial

Stainless steel construction

Dishwasher safe

NSF listed



1.Clean the thermometer with a damp cloth before use

2.Insert the stainless steel probe (at least 1.5 inches) into the meat away from the bone to get an accurate reading of the internal temperature

3. Place the meat (with the thermometer) in the oven and face the dial out of the oven

4.Remove the meat from oven once internal temperature of meat reaches the desired meat temperature

5.Clean the thermometer with a damp cloth or wash in dishwasher after use



DO NOT use the thermometer over the operating temperature range

DO NOT subject the unit to extreme temperature change

Wear oven gloves when placing or removing the thermometer from meat or oven

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