Saltworks Bonfire Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt Pinch Pouch



When you need to add the intense, powerful essence of campfire smoke to dishes that need a bit of enjoyable, rugged flavor, Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Salt is the ultimate all-natural smoked sea salt. Using our Pacific Northwest-harvested Snowflake® sea salt and our proprietary real-wood smoking process, Bonfire Extra Bold Smoked Salt is naturally smoked with a blend of seven carefully selected woods over the course of 14 days to create a hearty smokehouse flavor. Deliciously rich and enticing, Bonfire will instantly transform your dishes with its deep, smoky aroma, intense savory palate, and crisp, flakey texture. Try it on pork shoulder, chicken, or steak—anywhere you want to add that great “just grilled” flavor. Get creative and use a pinch to enhance stovetop s’mores, in homemade sloppy joes, chili or stirred into caramelized onions. The delicate flakes are perfect as a finishing salt, but also dissolve quickly and evenly in marinades, sauces, stews and soups.

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