Saltworks Hellfire Smoked Habanero Sea Salt Pinch Pouch



The hot, smoky spice of our Hellfire® Habanero Smoked Sea Salt will give you just the delicious burn that you’ve been looking for. The perfectly smoked flavor, warming heat, and just the right amount of savory tang, makes SaltWorks® Hellfire extra mouthwatering. To create this wonderful gourmet smoked salt variety, we took our famous Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt, slow smoked it over mesquite wood, and added spicy habanero peppers and juicy limes. The combination of the smoky heat and citrusy bite lends itself to just about any dish, especially when you need a bit of a kick. Add a pinch of this sizzling salt to grilled fish, flank steak marinades, macaroni & cheese, and guacamole. Even a simple sprinkle over sliced avocado is all you need for a spicy snack. The special flakey texture makes Hellfire® Habanero Smoked Sea Salt just right as a finishing salt, but it also dissolves quickly, making it perfect salt for adding depth, tanginess and zing to BBQ sauces and Southwestern-inspired soups.

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