Saltworks Smokehouse Trio Smoked Salt Collection




The savory Smokehouse™ Trio Collection is a selection of three intensely flavored smoked salts that are perfect alongside the butcher counter. Made with our popular Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt and slow smoked over real wood, each Smokehouse variety adds unique, natural flavor to any item, but they shine in BBQ and grilled foods. These beautifully packaged sets truly sparkle in holiday gift displays, but are just as enticing when stacked up next to fresh produce for smoky, hot-off-the-grill flavor pairings. Every gift set comes in a clear plastic box that displays each salt in stunning glass jars, along with an elegant glass serving tray and three stainless steel salt spoons. Available for wholesale purchase in case quantities.

The Smokehouse Trios contain:

Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt: Naturally smoked with a blend of seven different woods over the course of 14 days—this Smokehouse salt is intense! Your BBQ-loving customers will love to add a pinch of smoky Bonfire flakes for that powerful, rugged, outdoorsy essence.

Wildfire® Smoked Sea Salt & Herbs: This delicious smoked salt is one of our most popular varieties because it pairs well with just about everything! Fresh garlic and rosemary are added to our Snowflake Sea Salt and then it is slow smoked over pecan wood, making it a rich and savory addition to our Smokehouse Trio.

Hellfire® Smoked Habanero Sea Salt: We add spicy habanero peppers and juicy limes to this Smokehouse variety for a tasty salt that is hot, smoky and slightly zesty. This salt brings big, spicy flavor to the Smokehouse Trio and offers truly gourmet versatility.

1 glass serving tray • 3 salt spoons

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